Writing With Your Feet

Scrivere con i piedi
اكتب بقدميك
Writing with your feet
Ecrire avec le pieds

A multidisciplinary decolonial art project through dance, poetry and indigenous language

“Writing with your feet” is a journey where the adult body returns to its analogical childhood, evoking it through the voice, like a radio tuned to old frequencies of world, the depth of your memories: Morocco, a market day morning awakening at Baba’s house day, the souk of Khouribga and his vendors, the marriage of a unknown relative.
Writing with your Feet means writing through the experience of an unfolding migration journey focusing on transgenerational knowledge. The use of the Moroccan’s Djaria language designates the privileged user, or anyone who has experienced this language, to overturn the common meaning of “privilege”. The feeling of being part of an illiterate family, the embodied sense of shame and inferiority that at the same time allows you to recognize the immaterial value of a not productive- driven and millennial orality tradition.
“Scrivere con i piedi” is an italian expression to define a person that is unable to write, it is an accuse to a school system that pushes the immigrant young generation to follow an education projected directly to low paid jobs. School abandonment is still a critical element in the Italian context.

“I distrust what I read
I write with my feet
and I read by ear.

Scrivere con i piedi/ Writing with your feet is a performing art piece and a participatory decolonial art project born in 2021 from the artistic collaboration between moroccan-italian oral poet, visual artist and anti racism activist Wissal Houbabi, italian-nigerian movement artist, choreographer and educator Ofelia Omoyele Balogun and italian poetry performer, graphic designer and sound designer Tommaso Giordani

Wisaal Houbabi
Concept, voice and visual installation

Ophelia Balogun
Choreography and performance

Sampling and sound environment

Daniele Poli
Direction, shooting and editing

Moad Mzaoeg

With the support of Cantieri Meticci
Curated by Razzismo Brutta Storia, MoremiPath and BHM Bologna

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