The split among mind, body and spirit has influenced not only the Western approach to science but also the arts. Western society does not consider these three elements interconnected and communicative.

As a student, I have always perceived that in technique lessons the physical performance leaves behind the development, the discipline, and the connection with the intuitive and instinctive side of an individual.

We consider somatic a holistic vision of the human that takes into consideration the individual in his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual totality, recognizing the necessity of these elements to be balanced.

The Western world, focusing on Europe, has seen, in the past few years, an increase of the Body of Culture population and we consider extremely important the spreading of techniques, story and materials that offers an alternative/option to the existing ones. The need for a technique that not only works on the balance of these three elements (mind, body and spirit) but allows individuals, sensitive to the topic, an effective option to reconnect to their origins.

The responsibility to transform the narrative about ourselves is accepted when there are the instruments to do so. Dancers and artists who feel the demand to dive on a deeper level, will have the option to use a technique that does not divide what is the Universe inside them, but will teach them to listen and discipline it. Considering ourselves as a small version of the Universe, allow us to work constantly on ourselves.

Therefore, to offer to more individuals the chance to work on their balance: training the body, quieting the mind, discipline, listening and recognizing the symbolism of the spirit.