Tales of travels in the world and within ourself.

Here dance represents the lens through which we cross portals of knowledge, rediscovery and the “de-colonialism” of body, mind a spirit.

Moremi recognizes that the Eurocentric vision limits the so-called second generations in becoming a cultural heritage.

Moremi brings in its dance the urgency that a bridge and a dialogue between two cultures is possible and necessary.

Moremi believes in the development of individual’s unique abilities and the need to constructively influence the world.

Moremi recognizes that the reality we perceive is not “what it is” but “what we are”, and so freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs to express our true essence is the key.

Moremi believes in a new narrative, which includes the reflections and words of those who have lived it.

Moremi believes in rediscovering the depth of the meanings and the importance of providing a powerful narrative behind its projects.

Moremi recognizes the importance of an holistic and anthroposophical approach to the human being. It considers its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual totality, recognizing the need of balance for these four elements.