La Bestia. El Tren de la muerte

La Bestia, el tren de la muerte, the freight train that crosses Central America, revered as a divinity and loaded with immigrants on the roof in an attempt to arrive to the wall, the last frontier that separates them from the “American’s dream”. Focusing on a female story, it tells of an urban legend, in which one of the women traveling on the train manages to free herself from the constant and terrible violence suffered – also because of her origins, which between Cuba and Nigeria, connect her to Goddess of the Rainbow, of the Connection and of the Umbilical Cord. This figure halfway between a heroine and the reincarnation of the goddess will guide the travellers on a path of resistance and struggle. The performance project- curated by Pietro Floridia and Elia Dal Maso with Movement directing  by Ofelia Omoyele Balogun is the result of a workshop held at Montagnola neighbourhood   with the help of the members of the Black Lives Matter Bologna group.